Market Ideas: 8 Places To Look for Health Content Marketing Gigs

One of the most common questions I get is about how to find markets for a specific niche. After writing about the process for brainstorming markets last week, a writing friend suggested giving specific ideas. To help you come up with ideas, I have decided to start a new series where give ideas for brands related to common journalism niches. If there is a specific niche, you would like me to cover, drop me an email or post in the comments.

Many journalists wrote about health previously and often aren’t sure how to market that knowledge outside the glossy pages of the magazines in the Target checkout counter. But honestly, health is a great marketing for content marketing writers and there is an almost endless number of markets open to here.

Here are 8 ideas of places to finding content marketing gigs in the health industry:

1. Pharmaceutical Companies – Drug companies want you to walk into your doctor’s office and request a specific medication. One of the ways that they increase their brand is by providing information for patients suffering from the disease that their drug helps treat. Some companies sponsor microsites focused on providing information about ADD, diabetes or cancer. Others include the information on their website.

Pharmaceutical companies are a market that many health writers forget about. If you specialize in specific illnesses or conditions, find the pharmaceutical companies producing the leading drugs and introduce yourself. Since they also need content geared towards doctor’s offices to help them treat patients with the specific condition, be sure to mention any experience you have writing content for physician’s in your LOI as well.

2. Hospitals – The good news is that there are thousands of hospitals around the country and all of them need content. Many hospitals publish a newsletter or glossy magazine about staying healthy for people who live nearby. Hospitals also publish health information online especially in areas that they specialize. This is also a good market for writer specializing in fitness and wellness since many hospitals provide this type of information as well. If you have health writing experience, I am positive that you will find work before you get through contacting all of the hospitals in the country.

3. Healthcare Technology Companies – With the increase of electronic medical records, many hospitals and physicians are using an increasing number of software programs to manage their practice. Each company that markets their software and hardware products to the healthcare industry needs content such as whitepapers and case studies to show the benefits of the products.  Because these companies need writers who understand the medical field and how a physicians office works, you may need less technology experience than you think. If you have both health and technology, this B2B healthcare technology field is a gold mine for you.

4. Doctor’s Offices – Many physicians are now getting into the content game as well by providing health and wellness information for patients on their website. Look for larger practices who specialize in the type of health topics that you have written before and offer your services. Typically doctor’s offices my need include a blog, newsletter and articles online. While I don’t always recommend pitching ideas, it may be worth your time to look online and come up with a few content ideas for the practice to include in your LOI since the physician may not see the need for content until you provide specific suggestions. This will illustrate your understanding of their patients needs, medical topic and content marketing in general.

5. Insurance Companies – Every few months I get a glossy newsletter in the mail from my insurance company giving me the latest information and treatment on asthma. The insurance company makes more money if I stay healthy and stay out of the emergency room. Many provide health and wellness information, both on a general level to all customers and specific information to people who suffer from chronic ailments.  Look for a contact in the marketing department and introduce yourself. Sine it is hard to know all of the content they are providing, I would recommend simply doing a LOI and explaining the types of services you can offer.

6. Gyms and Wellness Centers – Most people who regularly visit a gym are focused on staying as fit and healthy as possible. Many gyms provide information on subjects such as nutrition, exercise and injuries to their customers either through newsletters, blogs or information sheets. Other topics include new studies and recommendations that may be of interest for their target audience, such as breast cancer studies for a women’s gym or upcoming competitions for facilities catering to serious weightlifters.

7. B2B (Business-to-Business) Medical Supply Companies – Doctor’s offices need supplies and hospitals need supplies. They need beds and gowns and surgical equipment and lots and lots of other things. A wide variety of companies market these products to hospitals and doctors office, thus needing content to help build their brand. Do a search on the type of products hospitals and doctors need based on your specialty and go from there. Another tip is to get a trade publication that physicians and hospital administrators read and see what companies are advertising to their products.

8. B2C (Business-to-Consumer) Medical Supply Companies – Other companies market products and supplies directly to consumers for health purposes. A cold medicine company might want a blog about avoiding and treating colds and flus. Wheelchair companies could create a blog geared towards people with a specific disability, such as MS, or create a blog on strategies for dealing with life in a wheelchair.  A company selling insulin and blood sugar testing kit could a video series on how to cook for someone with diabetes as well as an app that tracks important information for a diabetic.

Do you have any other health markets to add? Any experience or tips for any of these markets? Or any niches you would like me to write market guides for in the near future?


  1. Thank you – I am looking to start in health writing after a 12 year career of grant writing in HIV/AIDS, mental health, substance abuse, at-risk families, etc. Wasn’t sure where to start – this gives me some ideas. Thank you.

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