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I use my 20 years of professional writing experience to develop content marketing strategy plans and create content to build trust in my clients brand. I specialize in business, finance, technology and hospitality. [Read More]


  • Content Strategy Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Feature and trade articles
  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
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  • Ghost Writing

Publications & Clients

The Atlantic.com
FOX Business
MSN Money
State Farm
Fifth Third Bank
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The Content Marketing Writer

Storytelling: What Does it Actually Mean and Why the Trend is Good News for Journalists

You’ve probably seen a job posting for a content marketing writer that mentions that they are looking for a storyteller. Or heard the term storytelling while reading about content marketing strategy. Maybe a client has even told you that they were looking for a piece to be storytelling. But several writers have asked me what the term storytelling … [Read More...]

3 Things You Need to Know about B2B Content Marketing

The majority of my income comes from B2B content marketing. B2B is when you are writing for a company that is selling their products or services to another company. American Express OPENForum is an example of B2B because AmEx issues business credit cards to other businesses. B2B is very lucrative for freelance writers because most B2B businesses … [Read More...]

4 Tips for Writing Content Marketing Headlines

I am terrible at writing headlines. And it can take me a very long time to come up with even a boring headline. It just isn’t one of my strengths. When I wrote primarily for consumer pubs and newspapers, my lack of talent for zippy headlines didn’t matter since the editors wrote all the headlines. While this worked the majority of the time, there … [Read More...]