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I have over 19 years professional writing experience and specialize in content marketing writing for the business, finance and technology industries. I also have experience as a marketing copywriter, newspaper reporter and technical writer. [Read More]


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The Content Marketing Writer

5 Steps to Increase Your Income By Reducing Revision Requests

Earlier this week, I wrote about why I think that the endless revision cycle is a fish tale that keeps journalists away from content marketing. However, it does happen. Each time I have finished a project that had multiple revision cycles, I realized that in most cases that there were steps I could have taken at the beginning of the project that … [Read More...]

The Myth of Endless Revisions: A Content Marketing Writing Fish Tale

One of the most common reasons I hear about why a writer doesn’t want to go into content marketing is that they don’t want to always endure an endless revision process with multiple stakeholders. At first I bought into the myth of this never ending revision cycle and assumed that I had just gotten lucky. But after being the content marketing … [Read More...]

Market Ideas: 8 Places To Look for Health Content Marketing Gigs

One of the most common questions I get is about how to find markets for a specific niche. After writing about the process for brainstorming markets last week, a writing friend suggested giving specific ideas. To help you come up with ideas, I have decided to start a new series where give ideas for brands related to common journalism niches. If … [Read More...]