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I use my 20 years of professional writing experience to develop content marketing strategy plans and create content to build trust in my clients brand. I specialize in business, finance, technology and hospitality. [Read More]


  • Content Strategy Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Feature and trade articles
  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Ghost Writing

Publications & Clients

The Atlantic.com
FOX Business
MSN Money
State Farm
Fifth Third Bank
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The Content Marketing Writer

Placing an Article: What it is and Why you Shouldn’t do it

The call started like almost every other call with a potential client. Small talk. A few questions to me about writing experience and industry knowledge.  A few answers from him about his needs. It was going well. My radar said it seemed like a solid client. He owned a small content marketing company with a few medium sized clients that I … [Read More...]

Outlines Aren’t Just for Elementary School: How to Use Outlines to Make More Money

In sixth grade I had a teacher that loved outlines. Every single paper and assignment had to have an outline attached, or she gave you a zero. But I despised having to sit down and plan out what I was going to write so much that I started writing the outline AFTER the paper was written. The bonus was that the outline had to be turned in before the … [Read More...]

How to Not Lose Your Mind (And Your Freelance Writing Clients) When Your Kids Have 9 Snow Days in A Row

There are eight 11-year-old boys in my house as I am trying to write this. Only one of them is mine. They are currently involved in an elaborate game of hide and seek so every time I open a cabinet or closet, a tween boy jumps out and startles me. There is a pile of coats, boots, gloves and hats by my door. A trail of snow and ice marks their … [Read More...]