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I use my 20 years of professional writing experience to develop content marketing strategy plans and create content to build trust in my clients brand. I specialize in business, finance, technology and hospitality. [Read More]


  • Content Strategy Plans
  • Content Creation
  • Feature and trade articles
  • Blogging
  • Case Studies
  • Whitepapers
  • Ghost Writing

Publications & Clients

The Atlantic.com
FOX Business
MSN Money
American Express OPENForum
State Farm
Fifth Third Bank
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The Content Marketing Writer

3 Reasons a Content Marketing Writing Client Might Not Work Out

On paper it looked like I was a perfect fit for the gig. It was for a custom publication for a law firm. In fact, with industry experience, the editor gave me an assignment within an hour of getting my letter of introduction. But after completing two assignments for the publication, it was obvious to both me and the client that I just wasn’t the … [Read More...]

5 Ways that ASJA Membership has Helped My Freelance Writing Career

I love the freedom of being a freelancer. I only have to work with people who are nice. I can write about different topics and learn about all different subjects instead of just one industry. If it’s a sunny day, I can spend the afternoon jet skiing on the lake if I don’t have any deadlines. And I am able to take way more than a 2 week vacation, … [Read More...]

Need a New Content Marketing Niche? Look at Your Resume

Note: If you have not already signed up to receive my blog posts through email, take a minute and subscribe in the box on the right side of the blog. I write several times a week about tips for finding high paying content marketing clients, how to increase your client satisfaction, and content marketing strategy concepts important for content … [Read More...]