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I have over 19 years professional writing experience and specialize in content marketing writing for the business, finance and technology industries. I also have experience as a marketing copywriter, newspaper reporter and technical writer. [Read More]


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Publications & Clients

The Atlantic.com
FOX Business
MSN Money
American Express OPENForum
State Farm
Fifth Third Bank
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The Content Marketing Writer

4 Places to Find Financial Content Marketing Gigs

The biggest question I hear from fellow writers is “How do I find clients?” To help get your juices flowing on places to look for work, I have been writing a series about for custom content markets for popular journalistic and consumer magazine niches, such as health, travel, parenting and however many others I can come up with. Many journalists … [Read More...]

What I Learned about Content Marketing on My Summer Vacation

I’m back! I took the summer off from blogging to focus on my family and my own business. But now I am back to posting regularly about content marketing. I always hated those essays that we had to write in the fall about what we did over our summer vacation, but I’m going to bring back good and bad memories by sharing what I learned over the summer … [Read More...]

5 Steps to Increase Your Income By Reducing Revision Requests

Earlier this week, I wrote about why I think that the endless revision cycle is a fish tale that keeps journalists away from content marketing. However, it does happen. Each time I have finished a project that had multiple revision cycles, I realized that in most cases that there were steps I could have taken at the beginning of the project that … [Read More...]