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I use my 20 years of professional writing experience to develop content marketing strategy plans and create content to build trust in my clients brand. I specialize in business, finance, technology and hospitality. [Read More]


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Publications & Clients

The Atlantic.com
FOX Business
MSN Money
American Express OPENForum
State Farm
Fifth Third Bank
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The Content Marketing Writer

5 Tips for Effective Subject Line for Content Marketing Writing Letters of Introduction

OK, so I will admit up front that I am writing this post for selfish reasons. My current Letter of Introduction subject line is boring and I am trying to come up with a better tag line to use. I have learned the hard way that it is essential to have a good subject line to increase your response rate to your LOI. If it’s a bad subject line, then … [Read More...]

The Egg Dilemma: Keeping the Balance of Content Marketing Writing

I have learned both through my own personal experience and asking others that the secret to making a high income as a content marketing writer is to have long term clients that give you steady work. This decreases the time you spend on marketing and increases your hourly rate. When you are familiar with what the client wants, know the tone and … [Read More...]

5 Market Ideas for Content Marketing Travel Writers

Many journalists spent years specializing in travel writing both for general interest glossy pubs as well as travel magazines and websites. While on the surface it may look like this niche doesn’t translate well to content marketing, there are a number of businesses who need experienced travel writers. Travel writing is a great niche for content … [Read More...]